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With the 2013-2014 edition of Guide to Port Entry, you will probably notice a major change to previous editions, namely the inclusion of QRCodes in each port entry. We have decided to include QRCodes in this edition because we believe many users will find it useful.

The QRCodes are a semi-intelligent internet update service. Many smartphones, tablets and laptops now have QRCode scanners available, mostly free-of-charge. These scanners photograph QRCodes such as ours and jump to the location embedded in the code.

We have chosen to embed an update checker into our published codes. So if you scan the code for one of our ports, it will take you to an application on our Findaport.com website which will check if there have been any updates to the information for that port since the book was published. It will also give you the opportunity to purchase the latest information for a small fee.
September 2013: The inclusion of QRcodes for each port entry within Guide to Port Entry has been awarded the 'Innovation of the Year' prize from the Professional Publishers Association.

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