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Integrated access to port information for your internal systems or maritime service offerings

With FindaportAPI (Application Programming Interface) you are able to access our port information and make it available to view within your own systems or services.

Whether you just wish to include the port information for a specific country or embed all of the port information available, FindaportAPI gives you the opportunity to incorporate the world's leading port information dataset inside a variety of software, such as:

  • Voyage estimators
  • Management Information systems
  • Intranets and Extranets
  • GIS display systems
  • Chart Management systems
  • Back-of-bridge systems

Due to the commercially sensitive nature of this data, this service is available upon request only.
Please read the 'purchasing options' tab for more information and contact Shipping Guides on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss your requirements in more detail. 

  • Information is available in over 70 headings, including pre-arrival information, maximum size of vessel, health, safety and security, communications, berthing operations, cargo facilities, shore facilities, regulations and local information.
  • Plans, Photos and Reports of Actual Conditions Experienced (ACE Reports) can also be incorporated
  • Version Management features allow you to check for updates to ports you’ve already stored
  • List or find ports and their facilities to provide relevant information to your users
  • Search features can return results in pages of user-defined size and include the following search parameters:
    • Latitude, longitude and radius for listing ports in a geographical area
    • Country and region for listing ports in a locality
    • Port facilities
    • Cargo facilities
    • Drydock and repair facilities
  • Wildcard support (eg ports starting with ‘Ab’)

Before purchasing this service, you are required to assess and verify that the information we provide is fit for your purpose. In addition, we strongly recommend that your developers read the API supporting documentation to determine its compatibility.

The FindaportAPI purchasing process:

  1. Read the API supporting documentation in full
  2. Sign up for free to www.findaport.com and request a 3 day free trial of our information
  3. Contact us to discuss your port information requirements
  4. Request a trial API key via www.findaport.com (Account, API)
  5. Test the API within your system
  6. We will finalise the licencing terms and payment options
  7. Once payment has been received and the licence agreement has been signed, the 12 month FindaportAPI subscription commences.