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Cruising in the Malacca Straits April 1999 – Sun Vista

I have become the proud owner of these lovely miniature dishes whilst cruising in the Malacca Straits.

They are special to me because the vessel sunk shortly after the cruise and I feel these four dishes are a momento of a vessel that is no more.

By the way, I believe, no one was hurt but when I look at my dishes I can’t help thinking of the treasures that may have sunk with the ship; lost at the bottom of the sea!

Ira Pielow
Managing Director


Delivering a Yeti

Shipped on a K Line Europe vessel working the Emden to UK route in December 2010, I'd ordered the Yeti back in June of the same year and waited. And waited.

Having bought one of the early models it was good to see the Yeti start to win several awards and commendations, if only to confirm that I'd made the right choice! Now I'd find it hard to live without.

Manoeuvrable around town, off-road ability, Autobahn performance and diesel economy make it a pleasure to own: and with elderly parents to transport, it has the right height and access. 

Thanks to K Line Europe, I eventually got to own one of the rarest cars seen on UK roads!

Nigel Grieve
Technical Plan Editor

Lost without a compass

My favourite item is a compass, although not a seafaring compass.

I need it because, together with an OS map, I use it to navigate around the British Isles as part of my work with the Duke Of Edinburgh’s Award organisation, training young people to journey and camp in the great outdoors.

As far as I know, they are shipped from Silva in Sweden by container.

Mike Harrod
Project Manager


The essential tool for any DIYer!

It is a very handy tool, especially over recent bank holiday weekend when it was used high up on a ladder to refit leaking roof guttering where the brackets had come away from the fascias.

Tony Gawn

From the beautiful east

I was hoping to find an object in my house which would not stereotype me as a woman, however, I have to say my favourite item has to be without a doubt my Chinese Jewellery box. 

I was 1 years old when my father had this stunning box shipped over 10,000 miles from Hong Kong to the UK and after a few years in my mothers’ service it was then given to me. 

Regretfully over the years a few pins have fallen off, parts have gone missing and the wood has begun to separate, however I still adore its authentic Chinese style and will treasure it for as long as it’s intact!

Jessica Pielow
Communications and Development Manager

Jewellry Box

Peace and quiet

Ear phones: So I can shut myself off from the rest of the world!

Mark Stelfox
Maritime Editor

I love my iPhone because .....

It really is a very clever piece of design by Apple in Cupertino, CA, USA, but it would probably cost thousands of pounds if manufactured in the US. So instead it is put together in China.

It holds my diary, my contacts, my email, my photos, my music, as well as a host of useful and entertaining apps.

I would be lost without it.

Feargal Hogan
Technology Director 


I also love my iPhone...

so my wife can send me pictures of my 1 year old boy enjoying the sunshine. He likes to throw it around when I get home too.

Mark Snell
Maritime Editor

Remotely appreciating television

There are lots of items in the house that were imported and that I wouldn’t want to be without for a variety of reasons, but the one that gives me hours of pleasure and makes no demands on me whatsoever, is my television. I love my TV. I tried to get it in my handbag this morning for the photograph, but darn it, I just couldn’t make it fit, so I’ve brought my remote control instead. Chris calls me the Queen of the Remotes so it is entirely appropriate.

I notice that the remote control was made in China so in every likelihood the TV was too. It’s a Sony which is, of course, Japanese, so it would appear that even the Japanese use Chinese labour for manufacturing. Incredible.

Barbara Forrest
Administration Manager

Foreign entertainment imports!

Firstly I have a DVD of what is simply the best film ever made.  I could never watch it too many times.

Next, I have this CD re-mastered on import. One of my all time top five albums, first heard at release in 1988, when Tommy Vance played tracks from it every Friday night for weeks on end. Turn it up to eleven.

Richard Lawes
IT Manager

Film appreciation in 3D

These 3D glass have been made in China, so I am sure they will have come over via Ship!

Ruth Knight


Pharaohs, Mummies, Pyramids... and cotton! 

I love and need my Egyptian cotton bedding to help bring me a comfortable nights sleep. 

Olga Clarke

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