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Port Updates

2015 Week 17 Port Updates

More detailed information for all of the below port changes are available on www.findaport.com and FindaportAPI.  To view these changes and to stay informed on the latest port news available, please visit and purchase a subscription to www.findaport.comThis information will also be incorporated into the next available editions of our other port information products and services.

Kunsan, Korea, Rep. of - All new.
Mokpo, Korea, Rep. of - Updated information is available for passenger facilities, berths and max. size details.
Moji, Japan - Updates to berths, container facilities and tankers facilities, including changes to max. size.
Shimonoseki, Japan - Updates to max. size, VTS/radar, pilotage, anchorages, berths and tanker facilities are now available.
Liverpool, U.K. - Updated information is available for port developments and contact information.
Southampton, U.K. - Notice to Mariners added.
Maceio, Brazil - Updates to max. size, anchorages, berths, tanker faciliies, passenger facilities and port contacts.
Ulsan, Korea, Rep. of - Updates to berths and tanker facilities.

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